Anodized aluminum jump rings.  18g 5/32"

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Actual wire diameter .048", 1.22mm
Wire gauge 18 (SWG)
Actual ID inches .160"
Actual ID  mm 4.08
Aspect Ratio 3.33
Approx rings per oz 550


UV reactive rings show normal under regular light, but off white under black light.
Current batch of pink is darker than in the past. 


Autumn is a mix of Gold, Brown, and Orange.

Mardi Gras is a mix of Purple, Dark Green, and Gold.

Cotton candy is a mix of Violet, Pink, and Aqua.

Fire is a mix of Red, Gold, and Orange.

Patriotic is a mix of Red, Blue, and Silver (BA).

Rainbow is all of the colors of the rainbow. Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark Green, Blue, Purple (we felt this was closer than our Violet).

Confetti is a mix of all available colors, except UV reactive rings.

Color mixes are random, there is no guarantee of color ratio.

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Anodized aluminum jump rings. 18g 5/32"

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