Our Storefront


You asked for it, we wanted it, so we built it! That's right - the first retail establishment for chainmaille that is completely open to the public!

We love that you enjoy ordering from our lovely website, but you can also come visit us almost any day of the week! No secret handshakes or anything. Well, we like secret handshakes, but those normally happen on the solstice or on Curt's birthday.


Mon-Thurs : 8am - 3pm
Friday:  10 am - 3 pm
Saturday 8 am - 2 pm

Sunday: Closed

4756 N Chestnut St Colorado Springs, Co 80907



About The New Storefront:

On February 2nd, 2012 we moved our warehouse and storefront. Not only did we vastly increase our shop and warehouse space, but we completely remodeled our storefront too!

But lets back up a little first...

Back in January of 2011, we opened the world’s first retail chainmaille store. It was set up in a warehouse type setting, and while it worked, it wasn’t the prettiest. Our main focus was still making the rings, and quite honestly while a retail store was nice, we didn’t figure we would get a lot of walk in traffic. Boy were we wrong! Within 6 months it became apparent to us that not only did we need a bigger, nicer walk in store front, but even in the back production/storage area, our growth was rapidly making the nice new space we just moved into, too small.

So we set out to find a new spot. It didn’t take us long, and with our move in January of 2012, we doubled our existing space, and can easily double that again if/when the need arises.

As far as the store goes, we now have a full wall for kits, one for Anodized aluminum, one for base metals, one for findings, a whole section full of tools, tutorial, and we even have a "Clearance Corner" Since we have been doing art shows locally for many years now, and have a nice following for our finished jewelry, we even have a nice display for all of our pieces.


In October of 2013, we needed to grow yet again.  This time it was easy, we just took over the space next door.  We now boast 7000 square feet.  While most of that is still offices and production, we hope to be able to expand our showroom in the near future.