About our rings

We work hard to bring you the best quality ring you can find.  Most of our wire is made just for us, to our specifications.  A few we can buy "off the shelf", as they are a bit more common, and still meet our standards.

What can you expect from our rings?

  • All of our rings are saw cut with a .008" blade.  This removes as little material as possible so when closed there is less warpage.
  • After cutting, all our rings are tumbled, usually for 24 hours.  We use stainless steel shot and our own special sauce (which may or may not contain ranch dressing)  This cleans the rings, and leaves them with a shine that others can only strive for.
  • All rings are sorted to remove any partial or "end of coil" rings.  We are not perfect, so you may still see one every once in a while, but it is the exception.
  • All rings are sent labeled with material, color (if applicable), size, and quantity
  • All rings are bulk packaged.  Meaning if you order 3 oz of rings, you will get 1, 3 oz bag. 

Measuring our rings:

All square wire rings are made using AWG (American Wire Gauge) wire.

All precious metal rings (silver fill, gold fill, argentium) are made using AWG wire

Base metal rings use both AWG and SWG (Standard Wire Gauge) wire

  • 20g uses AWG
  • 19g and larger uses SWG

All of our rings are made so the ring is as close to the listed ID (inside diameter) as possible.  This in essence takes spring back out of the equation and makes it easier to mix metals.  Most other suppliers only list the mandrel size they use.  That means a 1/4" ring in copper and in a high springback material such as stainless steel will have very different actual measurements.  Not with us.  You  can read more about that here.

Square wire rings:
Things don't work the same for square wire rings as they do for round wire rings.  We have an article about sizing (this link also has links to our weave guide and a printable chart) and another about why AR doesn't work on our blog. 

Anodized aluminum:

All our AA items are anodized AFTER they are made. (Rings and scales)  No silver lines or bare ends here. Because rings are bulk anodized, there can be some color variances.  These are usually minor, but we will mention in the description if a particular batch/color of rings is more.