Some of our tutorials are available as a download.  They are a bit cheaper than hardcopies since we don't have to print and ship them, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Downloads don't become available until a live person here processes your order and makes them available in your account.  If you order after hours or on a weekend, that may take a bit.
  • Once we have processed your order and put them in your account, you will receive an order "Complete" email from us.  If you ordered other items that require shipping, this email doesn't mean they have shipped, it just means your tutorial is now available.  You will get a separate order "shipped" email once the rest of your items have shipped.
  • Downloads will always appear in your account.  There is no longer a limit to the number of times you can download. 
  • If we release an updated version of a tutorial, the updated version is automatically placed in your file for that download.  The next time you download it, you will get the updated version. 
  • When a tutorial is updated, the update date and what has been updated is posted in the tutorial description.
  • Order email contains instruction on downloading your tutorial.  You are always able to log into your account and access the "Downloads" area of your account.  You will see available downloads.
  • If you don't have your computer set to automatically open downloads you will probably have to go find it.  It can usually be found in your download manage/file manager.  (This could be named something else depending on your system)
  • All of our downloads are in .PDF format.  Different systems download and react to them differently.  Some will auto open, some will ask you how to open.  If you have to tell your system, any PDF viewer should work. 
  • Downloads are not a returnable item.
  • We do offer several free downloads for our customers.  These do require a purchase on the same order for them to become available.