Kotinos AA kit
    Kotinos AA kitKotinos AA kitKotinos AA kitKotinos AA kitKotinos AA kitKotinos AA kit

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Kotinos AA kit

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A C&T original design

Originating with Hercules, to honor his father Zeus, ancient Greeks presented winning Olympians with a wreath created from the branch of a sacred olive tree that stands near the temple of Zeus in Olympia. Put your pliers to work to create your very own Kotinos worthy of a God or Goddess!

Make them a large pendant, brooch, hair clip, attach a ribbon for a great Ornament, or present. 

Passion Flower.  Amethyst scales, Amethyst, Lt green and violet rings
Christmas:  Dk Green Scales, Dk Green, red and Lt green rings
Cotton Candy:  Aqua scales, aqua, pink and violet rings
Pansy:  Purple scales, Yellow, pink and Lt green rings
Black widow:  Black scales, black and red rings
Fire:  Orange scales, Orange, gold and red rings. 


Finished piece measures approx 3" across.


Unless otherwise noted, kits do not contain instructions. If you need instructions, look in our instructions section for what we currently have available. If we don't currently have what you are looking for, contact us and we may be able to point you to another source.

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