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Much like you, weary traveler, there are others who seek all that glistens in this land. You may be lost, but you are safe for the light of the great protectors of Rheenga will guide you.

In a land far far away, a young warrior sat amongst the wilds of the lush carpet forests of Levingraum. Young Foo was unlike the other masterful Ninjago warriors who'd long since mastered the art of the spinner. You see, Foo was never able to spin due to a unfortunate accident involving being left alone at night in the dark carpet forests of the north and the foot of one of the Giants of Parenthenon. This left poor Foo with some slight disfigurement and a permanent case of vertigo.

His clan, the Redcloths, were at war, and unable to take up arms with his Ninjago brethren, he yearned to find the master of an ancient art only whispered from the mouths of the ancients. Foo sought the council of one elder, Master Eeng, who still spoke of these all but forgotten arts before their clan took up the skills of the spinner.

The wise master spoke of a time when the Ninjago sought the focus and skill through a combination of meditation and the harmony of rare minerals in the mountains of Co Lo Radeau.

"These minerals, young Foo, are not only rare but the skill and purity in which they are wielded into perfect geometric shapes use to focus your inner energy are even more rare." said the master. "Only you can discover which of these combinations allows you to focus your true skill."

With those words, Master Eeng pulled from under his cloak a shape wrapped in a ceremonial cloth. The master unfolded a flap and the surface of the object glistened with a firey shine unlike Foo had ever seen. "Give me your arm, young ninja." Foo was hesitant, but he trusted the Master implicitly.

With his arm outstretched, Master Eeng began to mutter in an unknown tongue in melodic rhythm. All Foo could make out between the phrasing was "ah-thoo-kas-ree-ga-nu", and with that the master pulled the object from the cloth, and in a blinding light, it was attached to Foo's left arm.

"Go forth young Foo, to the mountains, and seek one they call the Whisp-Reh of Rheenga. You now carry with you the last of the Bright Bracers of Reenga from our lands. Seek out the great Whisp-Reh, and he will find it's mate for you, and train you in the mystical ancient skills.

Foo hesitated not on the words of his Master and left his clan and his familiar home of Tauybaux, and sought safe passage to the mountains, in hopes of someday meeting the great Whisp-Reh to share the skills of the Rheenga and allow him the honor of his own set of Bracers crafted by the master himself.